what's that smell? success?

So this is the life, people. This is what it means to get your Ivy League degree and make some ill-advised decisions. It is 7pm on a Tuesday. Many people are headed home from work right now, dashing to catch the subway or train. Ha! Not me! This is what I've done today:

- woke up before 9am, due to a noisy boyfriend and still being stuck on another time zone after a long vacation [with my mom, not friends, because they all have responsibilities to tend to]
- watched the Today Show and tweeted about some frightened looking models
- ate an everything bagel -- definitely the highlight of my day
- watched the View and tweeted about how annoying Elisabeth is
- the happenings from 11am on appear to have fallen into a vacuum, but I assure you they did not involve showering or brushing my teeth
- pondered yelling at the window at various men on the balconies of the building across from me, in hopes of making a new friend
- created three blogs, all of which I am sure will promptly be forgotten

Those work drones don't know what they're missing..


Kacey said...

my day, everyday. Don't hate!

lk said...

@kacey haha, i'm def not hating, i kinda love it. work is going to be a shock.