i'm baaaack

Sorry about that--I ran off to Europe for a week without telling anyone! Alas, I am now back in the states, returning to muggy weather, apartment cleaning, and endless laundry all the livelongday.

On our way to the museum district, we stopped at a little park. I loved the
juxtaposition of wildflowers against the graffiti on the playground behind it

I spent four lovely touristy days in Amsterdam followed by four very non-touristy ones in and around London. Amsterdam is such a great city--I loved the cafe culture, street art, and ease of walking everywhere.

Sadly, the euro-dollar issue kept me from doing a ton of shopping, but never fear, there was a little. Hitting the shops was reserved for our last day in Amsterdam [to preserve M's sanity and also, I guess, to ensure I spent more wisely knowing my euros were dwindling]. We hit the Canal Belt and Jordaan in search of vintage stores which abounded.

Vintage bag from Episode, 22 euros

It was definitely pricier [even without the conversion rate!] than I'm used to, but I figured it might be my only chance to pick up a vintage bag in Amsterdam! Plus it is in near-perfect condition, and I love the front clasp.

I then went on a mission to find a boutique filled with clothes and accessories from emerging local designers, most made by hand. I got this great porcelain/metal necklace by a designer called NAT.

NAT necklace from YDU, 36 euros

It's definitely the priciest jewelry I've picked up in awhile [which isn't saying too much since everything I own is either from H&M, the Macy's sale rack, or thrifted in Florida where nothing is above like $15], but I think it's so worth it!

Though my savings account is feeling pretty painful, I'm excited to head home to Florida in a couple days and go on my usual thrifting loop. I'll keep you posted on finds there, too!

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