After playing phone tag for weeks, I finally caught up with Kel--my best friend since junior high and fellow thrift-a-holic. When we got off the phone, I spent awhile stalking her every move via various social networks (her blog and Chictopia) and, finally, her Etsy.

Long story short, 2 hours later, I have an Etsy wishlist that is quickly growing, including these pieces:

Looks like I have an Anthropologie-esque story going--pretty and soft fur and patent shoes, mixed with rough, beaten up boots for the occasional romantic hillside hikes... reasonble, no? It's actually a lot like the forecasts for next fall [another problem with being in retail--I'm always looking for the season that's 9 months away instead of now]. Thoughts? What are your favorites?

I've been thinking a lot about an idea I've had in the past--which is probably not appropriate given the obesity rate in America--but a store devoted to petites.. like me. Maybe I can start in the vintage/used clothing/accessories world.. Hm..

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Amanda B. said...

First of all, I love those boots and the black patent leather shoes, so cute!! And i totally do the EXACT same thing with etsy! It's so bad! But luckily i have more restraint when it comes to online purchasing.

Secondly, I totally support the store devoted to petites. I've always had such a hard time finding clothes that fit well (especially when i was younger and skinnier, i gained a lot of weight in college) and i've always wished that there was a store/designer that made clothes for petite sizes! I think you should definitely run with the idea!

And finally,
Copenhagen is the best! It's such a wonderful city! I guess my tips would be, you HAVE to rent a bike and ride around the city, definitely go during the summer (it stays light outside for about 20 hours a day), and you have to go to a danish bakery and have one of everything! Unfortunately it is a pretty expensive city, but it is so marvelous you just must go!! I cant wait to go back (not sure when but someday)!

ok longest comment EVER! sorry :)

p.s. I'm loving your blog, keep it up!