style round-up: borderline ugly

Yesterday, a group of people from work got to talking about personal style... or lack of it. I find it really hard to identify my own--what I want is so different from what I have, what I wear is so different from what I want to wear. Based on money and fit, uh, issues, I find my closet is less what I want and more what I can do with what I've got. A co-worker said her sister described her look as "borderline ugly." She has, mind you, the greatest style--vintage-inspired, chic, casual, with expensive touches, but I also kind of know what her sister means. Maybe that's how I should describe my taste?

For instance...
Blush tones. Could anything be worse against my pale skin? But I'm drawn to them, much to my mother's dismay.

These pleated pants are just...bewildering. Like the career girl's answer to the harem pants all over Paris. Horribly unflattering on most people, especially someone with legs as short as mine. And what the hell do you wear on top? But I want them!

Mimi's Vintage Shop

Lucite jewelry. Odd. Cheap. Amazing.

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