the look for more

I've been working so much the past couple weeks I feel like I have NO IDEA what is going on in the real world!

Somehow I worked up the energy to put together an outfit on Monday that I actually really liked--AND found the strength to wear heels [something I very rarely do, since I spend 90% of my day running back and forth around the office].

I just labored over Polyvore for a good hour to recreate it--the high design version of it, anyway. Thoughts?
My favorite part about it was this new turquoise necklace I bought in Williamsburg over the weekend.

I can't wait for this weekend--I really need to unwind!


KB said...

Two thoughts:

1. I love your necklace and it totally makes this fab outfit.
2. I can't wait for you to unwind at my bday party on Saturday!! yay!!

kacedilla said...

omg, those boots are delicious.. yep I said delicious.

And I love that jacket too

Kelly Lauren said...

this is way cute. I wish you would take pictures of you wearing it! poo. haha