monday no-fun-day: i need a really long nap

wwwardrobe modeling what I felt like today

Today was one of those days where I probably should've just stayed in bed. For one thing, it's like Indian winter or something--this morning it was in the 40s and windy as all hell. I wore a sweater all day indoors and a leather jacket when I went outside! A few days ago, it was romper weather!

Anyway, in light of my bad mood I've decided to do a silly/cranky post, entitled...

Questions I'd like to ask strangers
a compilation of serious thoughts

1. Where are your pants?

2. What made you go with the handlebar mustache?

3. Why are you screaming/singing/laughing hysterically while sitting on the pot in the bathroom AT WORK? It is making me uncomfortable and will probably prompt me to flush a few extra times for emphasis.

4. What do you normally pay for plane tickets? [In response to someone being up in arms about Jetblue's $10 ticket deal turning out to be near $40 when including taxes. Hello! Someone's gotta pay for those free animal crackers, and I believe that's worth it.]

5. Seriously. Where. are. your. pants.

6. How cheap does cheap fashion need to get?! [In response to an H&M shopper debating if a piece of clothing was worth $8.]

7. Why are we in the elevator together pretending we're alone?

8. Why are you dressed exactly like your boyfriend?

9. Why are you and your wife talking about your affair at the table next to me?? It's making it really hard to concentrate on my beef basil.

10. I love your pants. Where can I find them??

Any questions you're dying to ask? I know I have many more...I need to start writing them down!

To leave you with a happy thought--I think my day might've been better if I'd started it out with one of these:
Perhaps tomorrow I will try it...


bananas. said...

bleh. those donuts make me want to barf. i'm so not a donut girl. however if it makes your day better then i say go for it.

btw i too wonder why we pretend we're alone in an elevator and why i'll subconsciously press the close doors button when i see people coming towards my elevator.


Kelly Lauren said...

this is why I love you. I need to call you. yeah. blah.

Wangari M. said...

I'm liking your questions for strangers.. I sometimes wish I had the nerve to go and ask them a question, especially: Where are your trousers? seriously WHERE ARE THEY!?

Hope today is treating you better :)

Anonymous said...

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