tuesday snoozeday: summer sickness

Ugh, having a cold in the summer is the worst.... here I am sitting inside sniffling and blowing my nose when it's 80 degrees and sunny outdoors! It wasn't really an option to take a sick day, so I tried to wear a cute outfit to work to cheer me up..... only I'm pretty sure my dress was a tad too sheer and short [I surmised from leers on the walk over, ugh x 2, luckily my desk is steps away from a closet full of clothes so I borrowed a pair of bike shorts to wear].

where I wish I was (the frying pan, NYC) & what I wish I was drinking (sauvignon blanc)

Here's to wishing I were well enough to enjoy the weather... and to hoping I'm well enough tomorrow to see Sex and the City 2!

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