workwear wednesday: back to classic

Lately I've been into more traditional-looking work clothes [with a bit of a twist]. I just love the classic look a blazer lends any outfit, whether it's in an unusual color or paired with pleated khakis or a mini skirt.

Since NYC can't decide if it's spring or fall, this look is really perfect. The only problem is... jackets take up lots of valuable closet space.

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4. andy


Angela said...

I usually feel out of place when I wear all/mostly black to the office (which is pretty often) but I love the fourth look. The blazer is perfect.

Francesca said...

You were nice enough to comment on my blog a couple days ago. Yours is adorable! Great ideas. And I agree - the fourth look is fabulous.

Kelly Lauren said...

aww just saw your link to my giveaway, thanks darlin. I just love your blog! you're one of my favorite "style blogs" out there... and it's funny cause you're my best friend too, mwuahahah