joining the tribe

If you can't go on vacation, you might as well dress like you did! Anyone else finding themselves drawn to accessories that look like they were picked up from the tail end of a trip to Mexico?

The trend hits accessories in every price point, from Tory Burch's oversized necklaces...
To Forever 21's cheap-but-graphic bangles

And who can resist a [bit pricy] friendship bracelet?

My jaw actually dropped when I saw this AMAZING Cynthia Vincent purse!

I'm always thrifting for the perfect pair of huarache sandals.

Or you could go big with these whipstitched Proenza Schouler wedges [on sale]!
What do you guys like? Wish I'd gotten those tribal sandals from H&M a few weeks back!


Kelly Lauren said...

Ahhh I've been searching for the perfect huaraches as well... and omg to the cynthia vincent purse! amazing

Wangari M. said...

Hahaha! great minds style alike? But seriously that cynthia vincent purse is just brilliant and I didn't know it until just now but I have been looking for a pair of huarache sandals all my life ;)

Miles Lennon said...

Nobody else will understand the humor in this but did you see that Samir tweeted that he woke up wearing a friendship bracelet?

Gotta love that.