workwear wednesday: hey old[er] lady

Whitney Port's outfit on The City last night got me thinking about a new kind of workwear... one that brings back the 80s.

The triumphant return of The Shoulder [thanks Balmain] makes it really work, doesn't it?

Too bad it makes my small-but-broad-shouldered-frame look like a linebacker's!

What do you think, would you do it?

1. Whitney Port


Victoria said...

Don't even. I was in Cheap Jacks yesterday and called my mother. I was like: "There's a retro '80s section. The clothes are selling for like $60-100. When did the '80s become 'retro' instead of 'dated?'" All I know is that half of my closet is filled with my parents' old 1980s suits so perhaps this year, I will be able to pass them off as stylish.

(I usually wear them and mention that the shoulder-pads are actually an invention of the 1940s, which makes them extremely retro chic. Really. Promise.)

Leah said...

Love the second look if I had better legs!

one sydney road said...

If I could look like Whitney and had long legs like hers...then I would. But it sooo doesn't work for me :)!