workwear wednesday: i dare you to try this

As you know, I came around to the romper trend awhile ago. I actually kind of love them. I love how versatile they are in knits, wovens, ditsy florals, and solids. I love that you can wear them day or night, dressed up or down. But the thing is, you can't wear them to work. If nothing else, my office has a strict NO SHORTS policy--so rompers fall into that. The exception?

Is it a tank? Is it a pant? Oh, it's a LONG romper! Aha, the solution!

But it appears this romper-on-crack is a bit more outgoing than her little sister. Because she's often PRINTED. Like, crazily printed. Like, this, my friends, is A LOT of print.

So this is the romper's answer to workwear. But would you do it--paired with a little blazer? Right now I'm saying NO WAY! But then again, I was pretty wary about rompers in the beginning, too...



love the girl in monocrome hair

Isquisofrenia said...

ive been dying to get a romper too
but i dont know if i can pull it off=(
but this looks great
awesome blog!

and flowers pick themselves said...

this post put a smile on my face. so cute + funny!

xo Alison

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i saw a work appropriate jumpsuit on (of all places) rachel ray. it was black and bloused at the waist with a blazer-it looked cute!

Fifth Sparrow said...

I love the jumpsuits! I think a solid one for work would be better though, probably less eyebrows raised!

thequietingmuses said...

Love yours, looks amazing. Every time I try to wear one it never really works out


Missy Cheeks said...

jumpsuits 4 all the tastes !!

libys11 said...

i love the idea of wearing a jumpsuit with the blazer!!! i think it's good for work!! :D

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hotguy123 said...

You definitely called the Romper trend! (for real)

I'm glad I now have clothesure on this issue. :D


Your boyfriend,


michelle_ said...

id stay away from jumpsuits myself .. i never liked them except for the long denim overalls :)


Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

i would totally try this if i didn't think it would drown my small frame! they're the perfect option for sweltering temperatures in nyc this time of year.

Lucia ♥ said...

I'm obsessed with rompers!