fantasy monday: a semi-fab kind of life

Happy Monday everyone! I had a great weekend in the 'burbs with some college friends...made me miss non-city life a bit, but I'm glad to be back. Now for this week's fantasy Monday interview with fellow blogger, Alison, from Life in the Semi-Fab Lane.

I'm a Chicago native and love all things related to fashion, food and interior design. I've been married to my best friend, Dan, for almost 6 years and have a 2 year old son, Jaxon. I've been fortunate enough to remain working in the fashion industry part-time and spending the rest of my time with my family and friends.

Sarah Jessica Parker inspires my fashion choices {to a certain point}. I love accessorizing with strong pieces, as she often does, like shoes or jewelry.

If you were a millionaire... what would your dream closet look like?
I would probably have a closet similar to Olivia Palermo--I love her wide range of style and designers she wears... And she's a millionaire, so how fitting. [Is she really??]

Show us a photo of your dream home.
This is hard because I have a split personality when it comes to design. For today, this would be my dream home. It's so sophisticated and classic with modern elements and I'm really feeling a modern house at the moment.

What is your dream job?
To be able to blog and earn a nice paycheck along the way. It would be a perfect way for me to do what I love as well as spend time with my little one. There's also the important fact that I would not have a boss!

If you could spend one day with someone who inspires you, who would it be and what would you do?
I know this sounds kind of lame, but Kelly Ripa really inspires me. She works hard and seems to manage her work time and family time so well. Plus she has a gorgeous husband and a rockin' body. In fact, if i had to choose a person to switch lives with - it would be her. Great family, awesome job, she's so adorable and she makes tons of money, and the fact that they have a house in the Hamptons and the city! For sure. I would probably just want to spend the day seeing how she lives her life, from the beginning to the end.

Name one thing that keeps you grounded.
My son, Jaxon, period. If I am stressing over something with work or the hassles of everyday nonsense, I just look at him a think "he's all that really matters!" and everything else just seems so less important.

Alison blogs primarily about interior design, with sprinkles of other pretty fabulous things, at Life in the Semi-Fab Lane.


Viv said...

sjp and olivia palermo both have fabulous style! gotta say i do love them both :)


alison (semi-fab lane) said...

thanks for having me laura!

Lacey in the City said...

Loved this! I also think Kelly Ripa is one of those women that seems to have it all - and amen to her having a hot husband!

style'n said...

Great pics and love learning more about you alison!

Alice said...

thanks for a great post and peek into your taste! nice blog you've got here!


Isquisofrenia said...

i wanna go back to college too so i can hang out with frineds too
hahha but yeah maybe i can try the one shoulder!

and flowers pick themselves said...

great interview! i really enjoyed reading this.

xo Alison

The Fashion Connection said...

I love this segment, its always lovely to dream

Anonymous said...

Great Interview! I love SJP and Kelly Ripa. Questions like these really put my thoughts in overdrive!

Kelly Lauren said...

such a good idea Laura. Yeah. I want to do it, but you need to give me a couple weeks notice! ;)

Not a Paper Cup said...

Cool post :)...I could die for those shoes carrie has on!

jamie-lee said...

AGreat interview - I love Olivia Palermo's style too - wish I could have her wardrobe. I believe she's a trust fund baby isn't she?


vdcouture said...

one word, fabulous!!


Wangari M. said...

Still loving this. It's a great feature Laura :)

Buttaflibabee said...

Great interview!!! I'm a faithful reader of "Life on the Semi-Fablane" and it's an awesome blog... KUDOS Alison **mauh**!


modern architecture is my fave too.

haircutting in high heels said...

I love Kelly and her Rippin bod too! She is so inspiring with her killer smile and wit and humor and lets face it Reg loves to have the floor and she gives him that and a little playtime too! Great Blog, so glad you stopped by cause now I found you ;)