what to wear... to an office BBQ

I need your help!! I have to go to an event for [my husband's] work and I don't know what to wear. It is a fundraiser BBQ, and it is at someone's house. The dress code is "Business Casual --ladies, no heels".... WTH is BBQ Business Casual?! And why no heels... it's not like I can wear flip flops!

Ah, the elusive "business casual"--the most vague dress code of all. With those little words you get men in suits and girls in leggings. How do you decide what's appropriate? Basically, don't wear denim. As for everything else? When in doubt, and especially at a work event, it's hard to go wrong with a fitted dress and a sophisticated sandal! [Get around that weird no-heels-clause with a little wedge; maybe they're worried you're going to screw up their lawn in stilettos?] An end of summer BBQ is the perfect time to break out your white denim, too--but do it in the form of a jacket, or you risk grass stains and BBQ splatters!


Natalie said...

Adorable! I'm in love with those wedges!

angela spaghetti said...

I love dodging a "no heels" rule with wedges. I can still gain some inches without upsetting the hostess ;)

LOVE those wedges - the Gap? Seriously? Love.

vdcouture said...

i love those wedges, super pretty <3


and flowers pick themselves said...

no heels? weird. and kind of rude.

i love the dress, but a white jacket at a BBQ feels like a potential disaster to me.


xo Alison

One Girl said...

a little sundres and oxfords are always cute...hmm...no heels is not cool for us short girls!

style'n said...

I love what you put togethere here! dress is adorable

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