wardrobe woes: topping it off

I always find myself stocking up on skirts, pants, dresses, and little jackets. My closets are overflowing with them, my drawers packed to the brim. But... uh, I seem to be missing something...
What top do I wear with those awesome new pants? What do I slip on under my new jacket?
the perfect top! ...but where'd she get it? via street peeper
It seems I have trouble topping it off, so to speak. Tops are the hardest thing for me to buy--whether they just don't fit my petite chest in the right way or I simply can't justify spending nearly the cash on a silk top when a dress is slightly more. My major Christmas wish? A new, effortlessly cool, super-versatile collection of wear-forever blouses.

The question is... where can I find them? I'd love your tips and tricks!


kate maggie said...

Gosh, I know what you mean. Tops are the hardest thing for me to buy too. Its the main thing on my shopping list right now, because I always seem to have enough of everything else except for tops. I am crossing my fingers that you and I find some good ones soon! Love your blog! x

vdcouture said...

that top is totally great <3


Wangari M. said...

I have the exact problem. I wish there were some perfect top shop where you could go and find all the tops you wish you could find/own. Also if you get great tips and tricks, send them my way as well!! xxx

Annebeth said...

ooooh yes I have the exact same problem. In fact, I have started almost exclusively wearing dresses because tops never seem to suit me right. I have a broad frame with little waist and little boob, so I'm always looking for tops that don't make me look too masculine. It's probably all in the head, but still. I've just settled for wearing looser blouses, feels chiquer and looks great on all kinds of non boobalicious bodytypes :D

if you have some spare time, drop me some love at my blog!

Jen said...

Here's my vote!

Elyse {Pretty. Happy. Busy.} said...

I feel like I find the best tops at stores that have a mish-mash of brands and price points... from Marshall's to my absolute fav, Last Call by Neimans. And DVF makes really well fitting tops, even though she is known more for dresses. They are petite but somehow make you look shapely! That woman is my hero. -elyse

Caroline said...

Definitely have the same problem! I have been looking for silk blouses ... I've amassed a bit of a collection but nowhere in particular. My mom's closet, vintage stores, Zara, and Patterson Kincaid. I'd check Nordstrom Rack and there are some great deals online right now!