today i'm feeling....

...A little discombobulated.

via sarah illenberger

It was quite a day. At least I found my new perfect rainy-day outfit. Practical, no?

ysl plastic cape via styledon


devorelebeaumonstre. said...

NEED that plastic cape. xx


vdcouture said...

great pictures <3


BABI said...

nice pictures! still chic even with plastic capes on. i love it as well as your blog!
i'm now following... :-)


Kathryn {Sweet Tea and Champagne} said...

Haha crazy outfit, but killer shoes. xo



Ria said...

I'd love a cute clear plastic rain coat honestly.

and flowers pick themselves said...

i'm feeling extremely discombobulated today. i'm skipping class. THAT'S how ugh i feel.


hopefully things will look up for both of us soon!

xo Alison

Lucia ♥ said...

How fab is that plastic cape??? And of course the YSL pumps!!
The only thing that I love about rainy days is that I get to wear my Hunters that i adore!

Anonymous said...

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