do a good deed & get a good deal that'll feel, uh, really good

Parents, avert your eyes! This is what I call a NSFRA (er, Not Suitable for Related Adults) post. Today being the day after Valentine's, I found quite the surprise in my mailbox...a little present from Refinery29 and -ahemSir Richard's Condom Company.

Inside the cute packaging is something equally naughty and nice. In addition to these babies being vegan-friendly, tested for pleasure, and a pretty stylish addition to one's bedside table...for every condom purchased, one is donated to a developing country.

It may be too late to gift to your Valentine, but safe sex is important (and fun) year round!  For one more day, you can buy one box, get one free--for yourself!--on Refinery29's special deal site, Reserve. Refinery's partnering with Sir Richard's to up the ante on the good deeds AND you may even find a pair of diamond earrings in your box, too. Whoa. Getting overwhelmed, here.  Sir Richards is right--doing good really has never felt better.

Head to Reserve now to get $26 worth of fun for just $13! You're welcome, in advance.


Kelly Lauren said...

haha I love that you posted this. you're awesome.

Anonymous said...

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