macy's rachel rachel roy line = fabulous

I totally missed this (is my $100/year WWD subscription failing me??), but on August 1st, Rachel Roy launched a diffusion line at Macy's. And I'm in love.
It's exactly what I think a girl in her 20s should be wearing (though I'm not sold on those purple leopard print pants). The pieces are all go-to's for weekend, but I think they can also work in a creative industry with a few tweaks (pairing the fun dresses with the boyfriend jacket in my earlier post, for example?). I'm loving the leather jacket, faux-fur vest, and printed short-sleeve jacket. She also has great dresses for work and play.

Plus, there are tons of accessories! Shoes, jewelry, bags. (Gotta have these boots.) The hard touches--studs, metal, and chains--paired with the girly, flirty clothes... It's the kind of youthful line Macy's needs for the somewhere-between-teen-and-adult consumer like me. Can't wait to check it out!

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