fall fashion slump

Every Fall I stand in front of my closet and think, Why the hell do I have all this crap? I guess that's the problem with fast fashion. Sure, it's great to walk into H&M with $100 and come out with several outfits... but what happens when they all kind of suck three months later? How do you start a position in the fashion industry wearing the same floral polyester thing every other person also purchased for $34.90 last spring?

The problem is I'm a shopaholic and my habits can't be funded with an "investment" state of mind. I'm trying to get a little better... like buying lasting shoes and accessories [with the occasional thrift, but, that doesn't count, right??] and I've decided there are four classic, versatile pieces I need to begin my professional wardrobe the right way.

1. The traditional blazer
Banana Republic lightweight blazer, $198
I have a few work-appropriate black slacks and pencil skirts, but no blazer to go with them--probably because this is the most expensive item on my list. On those days when I need to be in a sort of suit, hopefully I will be able to use this one blazer with my four black bottoms.

2. The boyfriend blazer
Express boyfriend jacket, $98 on sale for $73.50
My industry isn't always strictly business; in fact, I think I'd look out of place in a traditional blazer everyday. This is a great piece to go with my, uh, peggings [leggings disguising themselves as pants by having a zip and button], or cute dresses. Express even has one with studding on the lapels--it adds to the cool factor, but it's subtle enough to get away with if HR walks in.

3. The work bag
Prada green snake tote, like $1billion...inspiration only
At least for the first month, I know I'm going to be lugging lots of papers back and forth. I want to look the part, not shoving them into my floppy purses. Plus, a great color will add something to my mostly black wardrobe.

4. The statement necklace
Aldo, $18--can't find it on the site! Coming soon?
These have been ALL OVER the September issues, especially this cheapo one from Aldo. Yes please!
Now I just have to figure out how to make the typical work uniform less blah, and more.. OOOO!


Kateri said...

I NEED that statement necklace!!! But I can't find it anywhere! They were all over the september issues-but where the f do you buy them??????

lk said...

i know, i couldnt find it in stores either! they really effed that up. shows the importance of managing and timing your inventory!