weekend recap: winter shoes, anna sui, and the september issue

Saturday was the quintessential perfect NYC day--minus the rain/drizzle that wouldn't go away. I met up with K for a Parisian throwback at Flea Market Cafe (croque madame, yum!) and then some SoHo window shopping and late afternoon movie. Among the things we saw/thought about were...

1. Winter work-appropriate shoes?
I have just unpacked, like, 4-5 knee high boots, that I am used to literally just switching on and off once the temperature drops below 50. But they're so not OK with work-appropriate pants. Is it all about wearing your Uggs [or FUggs] on the commute, and then switching to heels? Someone please enlighten..

2. Anna Sui for Target
The diffusion line inspired by Gossip Girl launched yesterday at Target stores and online, but we got to see a little preview at a pretty big pop-up shop on Crosby street. The items were definitely picked over, and the Gossip Girl connection seemed a little loose to me. Who the hell is going to wear a bad 70s looking orange/brown patterned VELOUR dress with that so-90s square neckline? Or that crazy puff vest? I was disappointed--I love Anna Sui, but I don't think she did a great job translating her style and taste to Target's price points. Still, I saw at least one piece (pictured above, $59.99) I wanted to get my hands on, but it was only available there in XL, and sold out online already yesterday afternoon.

3. The September Issue
We ended our girly Saturday with a 5pm showing of The September Issue--or the REAL Devil Wears Prada. A-mazing. It was funny (particularly A Wintour's inflated ego and the scurrying, frightened looking staff), touching (Grace, the unsung hero), and just so gratifyingly outrageous (Talley on the tennis court with his bling and Vuitton cases filled with water). A total must see... and I'm buying it the second it's out on DVD!

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