vintage dreaming

Last night I had a dream I've had a couple times before [at least I think I've had it, or did I just dream that, too?]. I dreamt I was in a vintage/thrift store and climbed up this huge flight of stairs to continue my hunt, where I had to traverse rickety ladders and maneuvers to get to the rest of the store.

In my dream, whenever I get to the top of the stairs and start nervously lowering my foot down to continue, I realize I could've just walked along the floor below instead. But there's all these things up at the top of the stairs that I want to see! There's a vintage boucle Chanel bag, and a sleeveless, printed Marc Jacobs dress [similar to above]. Just as I'm losing the nerve to go on, I wake up.

Interesting metaphor for my life, I thought. The path is much harder if you're in a rush, eager, impatient, determined, to get somewhere. You can take it easy, but you might miss a lot of amazing things along the ride.

Geez, that's a little sappy. But, still??

And that girl, up there... I just found her on chictopia as I was trying to see if this vintage bag existed [I don't think it does]. But how amazing is her look? Amazing.

Off to work--5 hour work day ahead of me. Woo.

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