weekend recap: birthdays, engagements, food & wine, oh my

This was another busy weekend! My weekend really started on Thursday night--I didn't have to be at the office 'till 11:30 on Friday, so KB came over for the ultimate girls' night: ordered in chinese, a bottle of wine, a platter of desserts, and a chick flick. We devoured...EVERYTHING and managed not to cry during My Sister's Keeper.

Friday night was the birthday bash for the bf's good friend, so we started the night at super-trendy STK in the Meatpacking District. Can someone tell me how to act around 6-foot-hot chicks in 5-inch-heels? Because I honestly have no idea. I feel about 9 years old. No one can even see me--I come in around a foot less than those people even in my highest heels. Anyway, the dinner was intense. We split a ton of appetizers and sides, and everyone got some sort of filet. Luckily, the steak, which is what the restaurant is named after, was pretty damn good.

The rest of the night was spent mixing too many liquors at 310 Lounge. I'll be set if I never drink again... [at least not the deadly combo of pre-dinner rum, dinner wine, and post-dinner vodka, vodka, tequila---what was I thinking?!?!]

Saturday was a gloomy, rainy day--but also our first engagement party in our group of friends. We lazed around, hungover, till noon and then passed the afternoon watching TV and finding a gift [vino, of course]. Then we headed to New Jersey in the evening to see the happy couple. Of course I cried during the toasts! I'm a sucker for engagements and weddings! We came back around midnight reeking of alcohol and cigars.

I was dreaming about my favorite french toast at the engagement party, so when we woke up this morning we headed to French Roast--where the french toast is so intense they give you a steak knife to eat it! It was yummy as usual. Since it was still raining, we stayed in doing laundry and watching Grey's [anyone else proud of Miranda for snagging her new man?] till dinner.

With the boy's mom was in the city tonight, we grabbed dinner with her at a restaurant we've been wanting to go to: Market Table [I just discovered Gwyneth Paltrow likes it too... you know her e-newsletter GOOP?]. I'd walked by the place a few times and thought it was really cool looking. The menu was short but YUMMY. I had the gnocchi to start and then the pan-roasted chicken with Sauvignon Blanc and we all split the homemade apple pie for dessert. Honestly, M and I have become so gluttonous it's getting ridiculous...but it tastes.. so good.

Tomorrow begins another week.. Oh how quickly the weekends go!


KB said...

I had the gnocci at Market Table too!!! Sooo yummy!!

Kelly Lauren said...

Yay easier commenting! I love this post. I love that you blog now. and HEY. You've only had a best friend coming just shy of 6 feet for soooo long... so you should know you're not that awkward at all. Remember I was the one talking to all the guys that were trying to get atchu? youz hot!

love. =)