weekend recap: shop, eat, repeat

I am in love with this weekend. I wish my entire life was like this, always!

Yesterday as I waited for the boy to return from his week-long business trip, I went to all the thrift/vintage shops in my neighborhood. I was really on the hunt for booties, but ended up getting a striped tee, cute cobalt blue sleeveless sweater, and, at the last minute, a score--a blouse from Reiss in perfect condition (pictured above).

M arrived home around 5pm, so we treated ourselves to dinner at Cafe Condesa in the West Village. We had a glass of Bordeaux each and split two appetizers [cobb salad and pumpkin ravioli]. I had the chicken enchiladas and he had the sea bass, followed by affogato for dessert. Scrumptious.

When I woke up this morning, I had the softest everything bagel from Murray's waiting for me [what a nice boyfriend!]. We got all our chores out of the way by noon, and decided to live it up in the amazing sunny, 50-degree weather.
Today was the first day in months that it was warm enough to walk around in flats, rolled jeans, and a leather jacket. M was only wearing a sweater! So, we decided ["we" is subjective, I guess] to head to a vintage shop I wanted to hit on Saturday but didn't make it to: Hamlet's Vintage in Greenwich Village. I've had luck there in the past with boots, and though they had a big section screaming "ANKLE BOOTS!" in the front, no dice [but I tried really hard, trying on every single pair near my size!].

Just when I was about to give up hope, I realized a shop I've been meaning to go to for ages, Stella Dallas, was right around the corner... JACKPOT!

Definitely my new number one vintage shop in the city. It's not exactly cheap, but the selection of on-trend, unique, well-kept pieces was outofcontrol. I got TWO booties I've been dreaming about for quite some time.

Then, the boy and I walked over to Nolita for lunch at Cafe Gitane. We split avocado toast and I had an amazing summery meal--smoked chicken on cranberry nut bread with mango and strawberries, with a mixed greens and walnuts salad and iced coffee. He had the Moroccan couscous.

All in all, the perfect weekend--the kind of weekend I always dreamt about when I thought about living in New York. I think I've probably had enough food between those two restaurants and the pizza/cupcake situation on Friday to last a lifetime--but hey, we did walk at least 4 miles today so maybe that cancels all those calories out?

Sad to be going back to work tomorrow, but the good news is... it's going to be in the high 50s this week! Could spring be near??


Miles Lennon said...

The sea bass at Condesa was a steal ($17) - the fish was perfectly cooked, seasoned and sauced. Awesome.

Also the Bordeaux was Claud La Chapelle. Delicious.

Amanda B. said...

Such cute boots! A thrifting job well done i must say! And what an amazing sounding weekend, it makes me very jealous that you live in NYC, i miss it!

...and this weather...AMAZING! Let's hope it stays this way!

Kelly Lauren said...

I love all your finds, curious how not cheap the vintage stores are? I always get sad at "expensive vintage" stores. I am now salivating and starving after reading this though... damn you!

Kelly Lauren said...

It's like an experiment trying to comment on this thing...