we're not in childhood anymore

I think being an adult means you can wake up before 8am on a Saturday and actually, willingly, get out of bed.

There is a high of 51 today in NYC--the sky is clear and blue and the sun is shining! Before I set out on my thrifting loop, I caught up on some of the most beautiful blogs. My favorites right now...

1. Apartment #34 -- aesthetic beauty overload--she rounds up the most lust-worthy and wearable fashions, gorgeous and rustic home decor, and inspiring random snapshots all while gearing up for a wedding complete with sparkly Louboutin shoes. Yes, please.

2. Camp Comfort -- kind of like a Lucky Mag blog, with how-to-wear-it collages and advice calling for things like, where can I find the perfect lace-up booties for winter/spring? [I was wondering the same thing!]

3. Destined to Design -- I just stumbled upon this blog in the last thirty minutes [linked by one of the above two]. It's like a trip around the world for photos/blurbs on fashion, landscapes, food, and more. I'm suddenly wishing I could drop all responsibilities and move to Europe..

OK, off to do some re-sale-retail damage. I hope.

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