workwear wednesday

Isn't it weird how you can wear the same thing more than once and get totally different responses? I've worn each piece in this outfit to work a million times, but today every single person I worked with said they wanted my dress.

..And to think I thought I was wearing a boring all-black outfit!

Did I mention I've instituted on a no-shopping-for-a-month rule? I've gone a little H&M happy the past two weekends, so now I have to figure out how to spring-ify my current work wardrobe. Any ideas?!

**disclaimer: obvi those pieces are similar, and not exact, to what I wore today. I wish I had that kind of budget.


Amanda B. said...

love this work outfit, I agree I'm having a difficult timing transitioning my workwear into springtime. But i've found that a really simple floral dress with a blazer, sheer tights, and flats works nicely for the office in spring.

Anyway, I totally agree we have to get kelly out here to the east coast!! It would be so much fun to do a little girl time in dc and ny! I miss nyc, i haven't been since september and i'm dying to go back!

destined to design | jessica said...

Hi there! I apologize for the delay, but just wanted to drop a line and say hello & thanks for visiting my blog. Hope your week was lovely.

Loving all your great fashion finds!

kacedilla said...

This has nothing to do with this blog post but I was just wondering what your opinion of rompers are.