joe zee vs tavi: who will win?

Did anyone else read the NYMag post about the differing viewpoints Elle's Joe Zee and Kate Lanphear have on young fashion bloggers? They focused on Tavi, a charming forever-13-year-old with very expensive taste--who has become quite a phenomenon in the fashion and online world in a ridiculously short amount of time. I thought it was really interesting how strongly Joe Zee reacted against her. I'd always wanted to go into magazines, but his attitude towards her really pinpoints why I didn't: the publishing world cannot grow up [not all of them, K]. They're stuck in an old world mentality where they think everyone wants to hold something tangible in their hands... and where everyone needs to start out being treated like dirt, being forced to scramble their way up like everyone else "in their day."

Zee claims Tavi doesn't know anything about the past. Besides the fact that she does seem to know quite a bit, can he explain what he knows about fashion's future? I think people like Tavi are the future. And, I'm sorry, Joe, but one of Tavi's front page posts has over FOUR HUNDRED comments! Something tells me Elle isn't resonating with their readers that much (relatively, anyway). Maybe instead of knocking her, you should hire her to blog for you! I bet she'd be a little more useful than good ol' Olivia.

*first two photos from thestylerookie, olivia from thesartorialist

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