blog-envy: updating the blog roll

While I am a huge fan of all bloggers, and the skill it takes to peruse countless beautiful, inspiring images on the web and compile them into concise, inspiring blogposts, I've had this nagging frustration that so many blogs just compile the work of others. That's why I'm thrilled that the latest blogs I've added to my blog roll feature lots of original works by their authors.

1. it looks good to me

Caroline is a textile designer in NYC [what a cool job!] and her blog posts usually feature an illustration done by her [look to the left for one]. I'm hugely obsessed with them--and I'm already eyeing which print[s] I'm going to purchase to spruce up my apartment.

2. garance dore

I'm obviously behind the times on this one, but this blog is owned by a French illustrator who posts little snapshots of her life, and the style she spots on the streets. There's nothing like the effortless style of French women! Makes me wish I was going back to Paris for another 10 days this summer.

3. jeana sohn

This LA artist's blog just oozes California ease. It's a mix of photos from her apartment, garden, and favorite inspirations. Reminds me of home.

What are your favorite blogs?

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Miles Lennon said...

You don't want to know what my favorite blogs are :)

I see you have plans for our apartment. Care to share?

Also I dig the blog facelift, but it's slightly less you now.