doll in the garden

I've been driving myself crazy trying to remember a book I loved when I was a kid. It was about a girl who kept seeing a mysterious white cat and then befriended the ghost of a young girl dying of tuberculosis. Finally, after googling a myriad of words, I finally found it: The Doll in the Garden.

Looks like I wasn't the only young adult revisiting their childhood--lots of the reviews are from aged readers like me! The cover and plot are slightly sinister and haunting [though I'm sure it would make me laugh if I read it again now].

I also found this Flickr photo of the same name:

I was inspired to make some Polyvore looks with sweet trends from spring--bows, lace, etc--and show them two ways: one sweetly sinister, the other ultimately girly.

doll in the garden
doll in the garden by nyclu featuring Lanvin dresses

Which do you prefer? I'm obsessed with that Valentino clutch!

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annie markantonatou said...

the story sounds a little scary..
I love that you've found a pic at the same mood!