if i didn't live with my boyfriend...

Living with a boy is fun, but it can also cause serious debate over interior design. Although my boy told his friends he was glad I took the decorating lead for the apartment, he's vetoed lots of my favorite things. Here's what I'm dying to do once I can convince him--or once I can build a girl-cave of my own.

I'm obsessed with UO's pink damask wall paper [not pictured]. I'd love to cover the bathroom with it--or just a wall! I'd even settle for black, if it'd make him happy.

I also like the idea of using wallpaper as a panel standing in for artwork above the couch.

My living area would probably have ultra-girly furniture...sacrificing comfort for cuteness [maybe a boy's opinion is good, there].

Little things like replacing our generic drawer pulls with vintage and glass ones would brighten up our kitchen so much!

I'd kill for an extravagent chandelier, in black or hot pink...even that great cobalt blue.

What a great conversation starter for the kitchen!

Or a kitschy add-on for the bedroom.

Hell, I'll settle for the stick-on at this point!



Oh, I can so relate! This is why I'm planning on going crazy girly in my closet/dressing room. Lots and lots of pink! :) Thanks so much for visiting me!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

boys always spoil the fun ahhaha! I have to my boyfriend every time I want to do something!

bananas. said...

i know what you mean! but here's a little tid bit...they get more and more open to your ideas if you ease your way in. throwing it all at them at once freaks them out. meh...it's a guy thing. haha.

love that blue kitchen. it's one of my favorites.