web drooling

I've put myself on a spending spree, er, freeze [Freudian slip?] until I'm back in Florida and able to hit up my infinitely-cheaper-than-NYC vintage route. Even though I broke that this weekend with a pair of purple patent Pour La Victoire flats [which, I reasoned, were essentially free because I got so much overtime at work last week], I've been spending a lot of time web-window-surfing/drooling.

My latest obsessions are...

ridiculously slouchy, oversized shirts,
(especially Seneca Rising's incredibly soft cotton T's)

and, of course, uber girly vintage shoes!

I'm eagerly counting down the days 'til my very first VACATION as a real person [!!!!]. Out of the office and still getting paid? Yesss please.


kacedilla said...

when is said vacation?

Kelly Lauren said...

get the shoes! an I want paid vacation. haha