thursday review: sex and the city 2!

I didn't have any memorable WTF moments this week [at least not any fashion related ones], so I figured I'd do a little non-spoiler-review of the S&TC2 movie!

I was really worried this movie was going to ruin the series--as much as I love the girls, I kind of just wanted the series to end as the series. I mean, breaking up with them was hard! I CRIED during the finale!! But I have to admit that seeing them on the big screen is always comforting, like visiting with friends that let you can pick up where you left off no matter how long it's been.

And I wasn't disappointed this time. It wasn't AMAZING, or as exciting as the first movie, but, like SJP said in a recent TV interview, it was a good just-for-fun summer film, and a nice break from the depressing aspects of the first film. Of course there were many ridiculous moments [like that karaoke scene? wtf?], but I enjoyed it overall. And, I'll admit, I was really happy to see Aidan again :)

My favorite outfits were the first couple days in Abu Dhabi--granted they were ridiculous--but I especially liked Carrie's look in the middle of the desert [above] and Samantha's gold harem pants. Miranda's closet also got a major update, go girl!

Can you imagine how much easier life would be if all your favorite, most dependable people lived right next to you? I think that's actually one of the least believable aspects of S&TC... my girls are spread out all over the US. It makes me sad and wistful.

Did you enjoy the movie? Who thinks the third will happen/do you want it to?

Until next time, ladies...

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