WTF thursday: the denim on denim trend part 2

I see lots of interesting things on my walks to and from work, like the dude who sits outside of FedEx deep in conversation with a new neighborhoodie each day [why is he always there?] and the ridiculously huge neopolitan mastiff that takes his morning walk down 7th avenue. It's a great time for people-watching and fashion note-taking, too. I pass many stylish Chelsea men (checked shirts tucked into cropped skinny pants) and women (traditional trench paired with short washed-silk dresses).

But, of course, there's lots of second-glance-inducing dressers, too. The thing that caught my eye yesterday? A woman wearing.... a chambray shirt, jeans, AND a denim jacket. Looked a little something like this:

This is a seriously extreme take on the trend--three denim pieces all in one and not an ounce of color!? The most shocking thing was, while I thought it needed work, I wasn't completely horrified.

So, I got to thinking how I might rock the trend. This is what I came up with...

I think the key is to make sure the denims are distinctly different hues. The second step is having lots of fun with accessories! It needs to be made more feminine with bright colors and fun jewelry. I'm obsessed with those Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges [they're the perfect color brown] and my Florida/California roots always come out in my jewelry and printed scarves.

Can you believe the attitude change I've had since my last post on the subject? Are you warming up to the idea at all?

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