tuesday snoozeday: rethinking denim... & jay leno

Until now, jeggings and a tunic has been my denim-Friday uniform. While I love my jeggings, the swiftly rising temperature is making me feel a little jegging-ed out. These days, I'm finding myself drawn to acid washed denim shirts instead. Who would have thought? What's old is definitely new again! These feel so fresh, and fun, and scream SPRING when paired with flirty skirts or shorts.

On a side note: I know denim on denim is sort of a thing these days, but please. Just say no! I saw a guy on the street wearing a denim button up and jeans, and honestly, I don't see how that can work on anyone other than the coolest of cool. It always reminds me of Jay Leno.

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Wangari M. said...

haha, I can get behind the denim on denim but would never wear it myself. Very few can pull off that look successfully.