WTF thursday: fur tail accessories

While walking home from work this evening--enjoying the rare experience of before-6pm-air--I noticed a girl pass me with a large, fluffy fur tail dangling from her purse. She was so nonchalantly laughing and chatting with the friend beside her, while all I could think was WHAT is that poor animal doing stuck inside your handbag?!

Of course, we really have Louis Vuitton to blame. I know I was in a just-starting-work flurry when the spring/summer shows were going on, but, honestly, I can't believe I missed this. Check out the 'fros and technicolor fox tails dangling from fringed it-bags! They're such a steal at $1200 a pop.

The most disturbing thing I found while researching the phenomenon was an Etsy sellers way of advertising her "coon" tail (that has been for sale since 2008). Look at the multiple uses she chooses to highlight, pictured to the right! And she also so graciously notes that this authentic tail was "humanely removed"--how might that be exactly?!

I think if you want to follow this bizarre trend, you should have no choice but to rock the ginormous 'fro, too. At the very least--go faux!

4. etsy

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