cottage in the city

I'm feeling uninspired about my workwear this week, so I thought I'd post about a new interior-design-way-of-thinking instead:


Sometimes I get a little antsy in the big city and start yearning for dandelions and big trees and beachside huts...or something to that effect. One day I thought, why not turn my apartment into a little shabby chic oasis?

I mean... who says that living in NYC has to mean an ultra-modern, sterile apartment?

I want kitschy accessories

outdoor furniture as indoor dining sets

and over-loved sheets

If only I had a big country truck to get this all home!

2. via semi-fab


and flowers pick themselves said...

ooh, so much to lust after!


xo Alison

Wangari M. said...

Lots of amazing and inspiring decor (and I want it all..haha) Love the new look!

one sydney road said...

oh how I LOVE that first pic - the hanging chair - too cool!!!

size too small said...

i love the wooden bird cage. if you redo your apt.- post pictures!

KANI said...

the bird cage is lovely!