tuesday snoozeday: comfort food

I don't know if it's the surprise of summer's steamy return, or if I'm just recuperating after waking up at 4am yesterday for my flight, but these days I am lazylazylazy and playing it safe. I'm finding myself drawn to easy, subtle-but-chic styles and soothing, easy-on-the-eye tones.

Like this fluid, casual but sophisticated Vera Wang resort look

and this modern yet traditional home...

Or this easily perfect Malandrino jumpsuit

and an effortlessly ornate sitting area.

Do your tastes change as often as mine, or am I uniquely fickle?

* all home photos from realsimple


Wangari M. said...

Some of my taste is fickle but I do stay true to certain things. Unfortunately I can't of any right now...typical! Anyhoo when it's hot outside I say it's okay to be a bit lazy and go for comfort (and keeping cool) over style. But if you can combine both - even better!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

my style changes daily! i'm adhd fashion-wise and decor-wise. life's too short to tie yourself down to one, right?

kacedilla said...

Ugh, I'm even worse... I feel like I like too many things! I have a ridiculously traditional living room and love it but some days I would like nothing more than to set it all on fire and decorate with more modern lines and colors. My chosen color pallete in the living room is the same as in the kitchen and it bores me now that I've realized it!

Janet Victoria said...

i love the third look<3

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