monday could've-been-funday: get me outta here

Nothing makes me quite as livid as when I'm harrassed on the street while walking to or from work alone.
I love lots of things about NYC, but sometimes I wish I lived somewhere quieter...somewhere with trees and grass--consequences, perhaps? At least somewhere I could drive a car, so I didn't have to always be surrounded.

But then, I guess the grass is always greener.

Luckily, I am getting a mini-escape this weekend. Hopefully sun, family, and friends will cure this bad mood.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you say that about NYC, because I live in (fairly) quiet, polite, Omaha, NE and I want to move to New York when I graduate from college! Cute blog, too. :)
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Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

i know what you mean but this is totally a case of the grass is always greener. think of all you'd miss by living in a smaller town! in new york, everyone hurries everywhere, everyone's got somewhere to be, and it's impossible to feel bored. being in the city makes me feel alive!