random rambling: resort 2011 favorites

I love the resort shows. It's really the only time you can imagine putting on the things you see on the runways RIGHT NOW and enjoying it. I had a great time looking through everything and imagining what I'd want to pack for my Barcelona trip--among other things. Here are my favorites:

Diane always says in interviews that she creates for the girl who flies... and I can definitely imagine shoving every single piece into my suitcase for an effortlessly chic get away.

If I was going back to Paris this summer, this is what I'd want to wear.

If I WAS going to Copenhagen [tear!], or, hell, nowhere at all.. I'd love to be frolicking around in these looks. By the way... what about those amazing, huge, rainbow-colored bags? Yes, please.

By the looks of things, stripes, shorts, and sex-ed up menswear aren't going anywhere. I need to start a petition to get shorts allowed in the office! ;)

Right now, I'm on the hunt for perfect-summer-weight-pants. Anyone have any tips for a petite girl?


Victoria said...

I love looking at fashion shows in general and thinking about how none of those outfits would ever look good on me in a million years.

And then I weep profusely and go back to shopping at H&M.

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

great minds definitely think alike! i love all three collections and menswear is not going anywhere anytime soon. i kind of like it!

i picked up a great pair of wide leg linen trousers at h&m that are perfect for a more casual office — they're surprisingly flattering on my 5'1" frame thanks to the high waist.

Fifth Sparrow said...

Wow, right there with you, these looks are killer! I've been running around like crazy and haven't had a chance to scope out all the great resort collections. This is an awesome teaser! Now, if only I could hop on a plane and go somewhere...

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i love the first look, that cover-up is so fancy!