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I've always been fascinated by those people who have wit of lightning speed or just an off-kilter view of the world. That's one of the reasons I love fashion--seeing the surprising combinations different people make. But, hands down, one of the prime examples of this kind of out-of-the-ordinary thinking is a store on Great Jones in NYC called Partners & Spade. The shop is a mish mash of random stuff--some kind of art/ad/creative project of Jack Spade [husband of the well-known handbag designer, Kate, of course]. And I kid you not, five minutes in there is like a wacked out acid trip.

There are antique wooden figures ($3500)..

Framed artist palettes ($345+)..

And polaroids of strangers next to drawers filled with pistachios or gavels.

The first time I went there I walked around in a creeped-out daze, wondering how someone even gets the idea to pick these items up, much less throw them in a drawer no one will see unless they're a particularly nosy shopper. [I kept batting my boyfriend's hand, telling him not to touch anything.. but he opened every drawer to reveal these crazy things!]

I think that's partly why I'm so drawn to this new Etsy shop, Hindsvik [I also keep thinking it's a Scandinavian-based effort, which it's not, but that only helps in my mind these days]. I probably would've overlooked most of the objects for sale if I'd passed them in a vintage store, but the owners of Hindsvik have selected and compiled every item with such care that they really feel like they tell a story that needs to be heard. Plus, the pieces are a great, unique, and easy way to add personality to a[n Ikea-filled] home.

Some of my favorites include:

A playful ship wheel lamp ($45)

A cheerful vintage blue coffee pot ($49)

A giant wooden "&" ($125)

And an antique wooden key collection ($16)

Do you think this kind of eye is something you're born with, or something you can learn? Here's to hoping it's the latter. I'm itching to go on a vintage hunt!


michelle_ said...

woah these antiques DO cost a fortune each ! i could buy a chanel with that :)


Valeria said...

Oh, looks great! Hindsvik is not scandinavian based, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate the style! And yes, most of the things you picked out would look great with Ikea furniture too ;)

Good taste!

Erika said...

Oh, I want that giant '&'. Lovely.