workwear wednesday: fail safe

OK, I know this post isn't, like, groundbreaking--forgive me, I'm trying to catch up on all my favorite bloggers and Chictopians! Besides, it really was exciting when I noticed the other morning that the official NYC-working-girl-uniform has been hiding right under my nose.
On one of my walks to work last week, I noticed a pattern. Almost every other girl I passed was wearing a LBD [generally t-shirt or sheath style] and a technicolor cardigan--like they'd taken serious cues from Kelly Cutrone's DKNY cozy campaign. I realized, this IS the NYC-working-girl uniform. It goes from finance to fashion with a change of hue and it's the chicest, easiest thing to pull on when you've had one too many margaritas the night before.

Not to mention, the shoes. At least for the walk over [though for me, it's the entire day] the outfit is topped off with flat, gold sandals and little else. In fact, at a girls' night out a few weeks ago, we realized that all 5 of us girls, on accident, arrived wearing gold sandals... ummm.

What's your fail-safe work uniform?

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