tuesday snoozeday: looking backward and forward

I shared an elevator today with a woman in her 70s or so--she had bright white hair, chic black-rimmed glasses, and hugely patterned black and white cropped pants. It seemed like a strange choice for her; besides the 3/4 of her legs covered in pop art, she was understated and classic.

Her outfit made me suddenly remember something I hadn't thought about in years... maybe even an entire decade! And that is the day my elementary school best friend decided to embrace the pedal-pusher/capri trend.

We were in the sixth grade, 11-years-old. I was just fazing out my tomboy-wardrobe of bike shorts and school T's. It was just another day in Mr. DeCarli's class...except Amanda would be wearing her light yellow floral capris for the very first time.

I remember her wariness--how would people react? For some reason, the rise of the trend was hotly debated. One of our mutual friends was disgusted. But in reality, Amanda looked as adorable as ever in her perfectly-paired Limited Too top and capris--and all the other girls soon followed suit.

It got me thinking how this uneasiness over trying new things hasn't faded much as I've gotten older. Is it just because I'm still in my twenties? Maybe the woman in the elevator didn't even think about whether those capris were the right choice. All of my mom's magazines say, after all, that the great thing about getting older is you stop giving two shits [or at least you care a little less].

This sent me to a site a[n older] friend of mine mentioned over a drink a few months ago: Advanced Style. The blog highlights NYC's most "stylish and creative older folks," in hopes that they'll inspire readers to live life to the fullest..

...and I'm just in love with these stylistas. They're not blind to trends--and really, some of their outfits might be intimidating on someone of a comparable age to myself. But the great thing is, on them, it's uplifting and encouraging.

And maybe at the very least, taking a note from these ladies will make me feel like I don't have to run and throw on a pair of bike shorts underneath a new dress--when I can't quite read my coworkers' faces.

*all of these amazing photos courtesy of Advanced Style


Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

how cool that there's a site for "elderly" fashion! thanks for the introduction. i think a lot of girls look up to their grandmothers for the way they dress — classic, colorful, always a little retro — and love the idea of celebrating their style. great post!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

this lady is very stylish! did you just ask for her photo? or sneak it:)