WTF thursday: mysterious fashion memos

Anyone wonder how trends start? Like, is there a memo I need to sign up for?

Overnight there has been a fedora EXPLOSION. I thought I was ahead of it, grabbing that mint green Eugenia Kim for Target version during my visit home, but before I've even gotten the chance to wear it...
I'm staring at THREE people wearing fedoras. New York is a funny place because you often have a front row seat to things you're not supposed to be privy to. For example... right now. I'm sitting on my couch watching a little roof-top gathering happening across the air shaft from me. My position only allows me to see the upper third of everyone's bodies, so I really have no choice but to stare at the fedoras.

The look seems to know no limits--gender, age, or budget-wise. They're $300 at Bloomies or $10 at every single NYC street fair. Boys and girls at this roof top party are sporting them. The managers at work are wearing them and so are the assistants.

I still find myself hesitant to try the look--wearing a hat, it's such a commitment! What do I do if I want to take it off? Where will it go? Ah hell, I have to go for it. At least I'll stand out amongst all the [classic, of course] beige.


Jess ♡ said...

Ahhh thank you so much for this feature :) This is an amazing article! <3

libys11 said...

i have the same concerns on wearing a hat.. but you're right.. people have been sporting them this season, yes? :D
Animated Confessions

michelle_ said...

great feature of jess !
i love your colorful spring-y blog layout ! :) :)


Wangari M. said...

The trend has hit Norway, yet but I'm sure fedora fever will be over us soon. I have a floppy sun hat I'm still waiting to wear but weather and work haven't allowed me the chance yet :(

Stevia said...

i love fedora too
been wanting one lately
still looking
most of them are overpriced I have too reconsider to buy them or not

i've been hat-y these past days

such a lovely blog, dear!

visit mine?

The Petite Blogger said...

oh ive got a fedora!!! its def a nice trend!!! and i invested in mine becoz whenever i have a bad hair day, my fedora hat saves the day lol

xoxo jenna

punky said...

I am clearly WAY late to comment on your post (chictopia comment notifier seems kinda flakey). Anyhow, thanks so much for featuring me on your post!!

Fashion Accessories said...

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Anonymous said...

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