how to look just patriotic enough

Pair a relaxed white T with an almost-kinda-striped skirt...

Add a touch of patriotism with a woven clutch

And finish with the most fabulous denim-blue polish.

Go out in the sun, and enjoy.


3. essie polish - lapis of luxury


Kasia said...

great top! and I love that color!


Michelle Elaine said...

very subtle ;)


Wangari M. said...

I like very much!

Hope the day was spent eating and relaxing. Do you also have today (Monday) off too? And yes we get the hilss and the city in Norway. I think MTV programming is pretty much the same everyhere in the wordl?

and flowers pick themselves said...

i'm smitten for that skirt. gorgeous!

xo Alison

Lucia ♥ said...

I love love the skirt! Beautiful

Fuji Files said...

Great idea! I was wanting American flag shorts myself, but this is much more subtle ;)

xx Cristina

Sarah from 20somethingcupcakes said...

I like the way you're thinking, American style without a totally cheesy red, white, and blue outfit, or worse - a flag bikini. G

libys11 said...

aahh i need that blue nail polish!! so pretty! :D

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Dallas Shaw said...

great essie color here