reason #29837 why i love new york

Look who I ran into while running a quick errand after work on Friday!

These lovely ladies are part of a series called "Sidewalk Catwalk," where major designers have creatively outfitted mannequins all along Broadway. I snapped some quick shots (by Parsons students, Naeem Khan, and Adam Lippes, respectively) before hurrying home to hand off my keys to a fabulous friend who is dog-sitting while I'm gone. Check out the other awesome mannequins here, or head to midtown to see them yourself!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Can't wait to chat and catch up on all your blogs when I return.


Margaret said...

wow! that's pretty cool - thanks for sharing :D
loving the blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx

jose said...

I loved all the mannequins!
I did a version of this too, and I had to take a lot of pictures


Jose C.