i need a stir-crazy cure

Maybe it's because I'm feeling trapped in my small apartment with an endlessly-barking-for-no-reason dog, but I'm finding myself drawn to interiors that have a carefree feel... and perhaps a big yard not too far away.

I love how these rooms range from naturally contemporary (that sunlight!)

to having touches of earthiness

to being over-loved and overgrown

Doesn't looking at them make you feel happier? Sometimes I get lost in my world of Ikea furniture and air shafts.

Please send me to one of these rooms--or send a dog whisperer to me--lest I banish this animal to the roof of my apartment building!


vdcouture said...

i want that kinda interior in my house too, but it's impossible :( i really love the coco+kelly design! gosh!!


Lacey in the City said...

I love the first one - wow! I live in a tiny NY apartment also, so I totally understand the need to get some breathing room sometimes!!

and flowers pick themselves said...

the plants on the wall in the last image are so inspired. lovely post!

xo Alison

Emilie said...

Lovely post!

Fifth Sparrow said...

What is it with neighbor's dogs and barking all. night. long...!? If you find said dog whisperer please send them my way too!

Love the photos, so clean and simple!

meggasus said...

I love the earthy coffee table in the second photograph! ps- sunlight is definitely the greatest addition to any room.