summer friday: keep your pants on

I take my earlier summer Friday post back--I wouldn't run around nearly pants-less even if I could! Yesterday, I passed a girl on the way to happy hour wearing miniscule pink, lacy, tiered tap shorts and a black tank top.... ah! Even in high summer, I felt I was privy to a bit too much. They were the tiniest things I, and everyone around me, had ever seen. In half a block, I watched 10 people turn to stare.
That's a little too much attention--and skin--for me. I dig the short trend, but I prefer it in a sturdier fabric with a more classic top. Take a cue from these girls, my friend:

I especially love the whole attitude of Jules in the mustard top. Those clogs! The layered jewelry! The effortless hair. Style-envy-overload! What's really funny is in her post right before that to-die-for outfit, she has a look that includes the tap short pictured above (total coincidence!). I guess some people can pull it off ;)

Which style do you prefer? It's never too hot to be polished, right?


Zabrinah said...

You are completely right! It's never too hot to be polished.

Sometimes, for a second, I envy the girls with the ultra short short shorts. But, then I appreciate the last couple of pictures you posted so much more. Thanks! :)

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Emilie said...

You're so right! Great post!

michelle_ said...

i love the girl in the coral blazer !!
and suree id love to be in the weekly feature thing :)

RepublicOfChic said...

Ooh.. Great post to keep me inspired through the weekend. Big shout out from India! :)

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5am je t♥aime said...

{hi from california!} i love fionim style the best! so pretty! {let me know if you are interested in exchanging link with my site. i'm putting up yours on 5amjetaime...i found out that we read a lot similar blogs^__^ cheers to style!

vdcouture said...

love this post!!!!


Nav said...

all 3 are gorgeous looks, though i think the 2nd is my fave!

lovely blog, by the way.



Robyn said...

If I had a 6 foot tall model body and lived in NY, maybe I wouldn't feel weird going pantsless in the name of fashion. However, I am 5'6 and live in podunk FL. It just wouldn't fly. That's okay though. I like a good, high waisted short that covers my cheeks.

Lacey in the City said...

You are so right. You see the craziest things on the streets here.

I prefer the middle girl's outfit the most, for myself. All three of the girls look fantastic though, and very classy.

The Man from Amsterdam said...

Third one for me!

marlee (eclectiq.MIND*) said...

i completely agree lmao !
i love the layered look at the top and the shorts with skin showing at the bottom, its nicely balanced =]