summer friday: if i didn't have to go to work...

...I'd be barely wearing pants all day, too.

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My mom always says I'm more modest than she was at my age--but I can't help it! I always feel like my skirt is too short, or too sheer, and get all self-conscious...but then I pass these girls on the street and they seem not to have a care in the world about their skirt being a millimeter away from showing everything to the coffee cart man. What can I do to get over my paranoia??

This weekend I'm heading to Ohio for a mini-family reunion. What are you guys up to?


Lee Oliveira said...

Lovely shots...
The 3rd one is my favorite.

Wangari M. said...

I'm the same, but it usually hits once I'm out and about then I start getting paranoid about whether my dress/skirt is too short, the wind and all other possible things that could go wrong when I have something short-ish on.. it's a sickness!

My weekend will be spent working (blah) but I am going out on saturday :) have fun this weekend spending time with your family!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

i know what you mean...but i have recently let my legs breath the fresh air and i'm loving it, so many more options and i stay cool in the heat-most important. it's almost like you can't not show your legs with all the cute trends going on right now.

libys11 said...

i have a tea party this saturday! hahaha!! and i can totally relate.. the heat has been insane lately in my province and if i can just frolic forever by the lake or beach, i'd do it!:D

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Isquisofrenia said...

i want the first outfit hahah
i think its very fun!

thequietingmuses said...

If you figure it out let me know, I'm the same way. I'd probably be a little more daring if the guys in this city would keep their comments to themselves, so gross


Lucia ♥ said...

Nice!! love all the outfits!
Have fun in Ohio!
Thanks for the follow on twitter, I'm following you now via bloglovin, twitter and here!