workwear wednesday: floral bed jackets

I feel like I'm cheating on my true love, the blazer, but as summer goes on, a sheer, light jacket seems like a better choice for the office. I'm falling for these exotic, sexy cover ups that almost feel like they should remain in the bedroom.

I'm so in love with these silky fabrics and soft florals. Though I swoon over the robe-length pieces above, I think it's more approachable when it hits at the waist. Paired with a neutral top or dress, a bed jacket can transform a bare summer outfit into a fresh, office-appropriate look.

Just think about pairing one of these with rolled cuff chinos, flimsy tank, and wedges:

Or throwing this over a simple cami dress:

Plus, they're chic and cheap--I'm betting this is a thrift store find waiting to happen. I'm going to hunt for one this weekend at Stella Dallas. $50 bucks says I hit a gold mine.

The inspiration:
1. & 3. via late afternoon

Where to find them:
1. mousevox, $26
2. studio1950, $20
3. modcloth, $80


and flowers pick themselves said...

mmm, not really my style, but i adore the cut of the last piece.

have a fab day, dear!

xo Alison

{ I V Y } said...

omg that first blouse <3

vdcouture said...

me lovey this post, i adore all of the blouses :)


style'n said...

not completely my style but LOVE the lace top!

Kookie B. said...

thanks for the feature once again, dear!!! and oh, i loooove that purple floral top! it's gorgeous!!!

by the way, you're e-interview is quite hard...i just realized now. it's racking up my brain. haha!

libys11 said...

omg.. yes!!! they seem so femine and flowy.. perfect for summer too! :D

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