fantasy monday: looks good to me

Today's exciting Fantasy Monday post is a blogger I've featured before and adore even more now. Not only is Caroline clearly a fabulous illustrator, she really loves what she does--what an inspiration! Read on to learn more about her..

I am a textile designer and illustrator blogging about things that I love. I like to share my personal style through things I am coveting and images that inspire me. I am also planning my wedding for next year so lately I have been tossing some wedding-planning inspiration into the mix as well.

What is your dream job?
I think what I am doing now is pretty dreamy actually. I love it!

When you "grow up" [when does that happen, anyway?] where do you see yourself?
Honestly, I hope to keep growing into what I am already doing. I don't see my job ever getting boring to me. I just hope to get better and better at it.

If you were a millionaire... what would your dream closet look like?
Eek! Marni, Lanvin, Miu Miu & vintage Halston for dressing up. Probably the same casual, relaxed stuff I wear for every day though!

Where do you wish you could vacation next?
Spain for my honeymoon!!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Barcelona! (I would probably have to learn to speak Spanish first though...there's still time before the wedding)

If you could spend one day with someone who inspires you, who would it be and what would you do?
Either touring an Italian farmer's market with someone like Mario Batali or sitting quietly in Miuccia Prada's studio just watching.

Show us a photo of your dream home or home decor.

Deanne Cheuk's studio (via Style Files), the wishbone chair is one of my all-time favorite design pieces! I hope to have a table just like hers someday.

What keeps you grounded?
My fiancé, Andy and our pup Marlow.

Caroline blogs at It Looks Good to Me--highlighting her awesome illustrations like the one pictured above, fabulous object/outfit posts, and more!


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