summer friday: winding down

It's been a little overcast these days, so I'm finding myself really impressed by this girls' rainy day style. Somehow, I'm never quite as chic.

Sorry for being so MIA in the blogosphere this week! I guess all that writing in the last post really took it out of me ;) Never fear--I'll be returning in full force next week with lots of fun posts. Til then, I'm looking forward to one of the last summer weekends. [Cannot believe those words are coming out of my mouth!]

I'm imagining movies

bike rides

and lots of wine

Have a great weekend everyone! Let me know what you're up to.

2. eat pray love movie


Abby said...

She is so chic! I love her clear umbrella! Always wanted a clear umbrella...

vdcouture said...

cool post! nice pictures <3


pearl said...

love the first picture!


sayablack said...

Great inspiration!
I love the first floral dress.


style-haus said...

amazing outfit in the first pic. love the vibrant colors!
hope your weekend was all that you had hoped!


Spence. said...

That girl's outfit is amazing! Very rainy day chic ;)

Daiane said...

i can't wait to see if the movie will be just as good as the eat, pray, love book... did you read it?

lovely photos!



Wangari M. said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, hope you feel well-rested and ready for a new week :) I spent my weekend at a wedding on Saturday and a back to school meal with my family on sunday. It may have been the last weekend of the summer but man was it a glorious one :) xxx

Ashley said...

Hope your weekend was as fun as it sounded!! I really like the rainy day look you've featured. Sometimes the rain just makes me want to give up, satorically speaking.

xoxo, Ashley