article remix: bundle up

I finally got the new laptop I've mentioned a few times--though I'm still trying to work out the kinks [like, why is the battery draining when it's not even open? Why are these keys so damn stiff?]. But anyway, the idea was to get a new, light weight, all-mine laptop and I'd be able to go to cafes and blog my little heart away....clearly this has not gone exactly according to plan.

However, I'm trying to change that! So today, as I set up all my fashionable bookmarks, I saw this front-page headline on Style.com: A NEW START: ten ways to freshen up your wardrobe come spring

I'm sorry, but it's the beginning of FALL! Glorious, leaf-changing, layer-worthy fall. We've been waiting and waiting for it and [though the weather continues to be a little nutty] it's kind of finally here! So excuse me if I want to dismiss the latest spring shows and instead think about bundling up, and all the wonderful ways in which we can do it. So, here is what I'd like to replace that post with:

BUNDLE UP: ten items you need to stay cozy for fall

1. a totally impractical outerwear piece, like the cape
via allen company

2. maxi dressing -- skirts, dresses.. 
via wild young heart

3. a little bit of [faux]fur
via jcrew

4. polka dots please!

5. wear-with-anything-anywhere desert boot wedges
via zara

6. a touch of velvet 

via jcrew

7. a slouchy cozy scarf

8. almost-unsuitable for work sweatpant trousers
via mango

9. a killer sock & stocking collection to continue skirts and shorts through fall

10. chunky sweaters to be worn with casual & sleek bottoms
via mango

What's on your wish list for the colder months?


Justyna said...

this post pretty much has everything i'd ever want to wear! so lovely!




Love those terraacotta stocking socks!

Now a follower :)

Kelly Lauren said...

you pretty much summed up my list!

irina said...

you've got very nice blog! like your style! check out my blog and if you like it maybe we can follow each other?

vdcouture said...

ooh so awesome <3


Wangari M. said...

Yes, your list is amazing and totally perfect for autumn. The only thing I would add would be a hat, I've really gotten into wearing hats as it gets colder outside.

And it's great to have you back, I missed you too!! I will definitely be letting you know when I figure out the answer or someone just tells me :)

terka said...

the first girl is pretty amazing!

Zarna said...

these are great musthaves! im totally in love with faux fur, maxi dresses, and capes!


Kosterina O. said...

awww thanks for featuring me :) love your blog!